Round Oak Knot Tabletop

Durchmesser (50 cm - 180 cm)
50 cm180 cm140 cm5083115148180
Dicke (2.8 cm - 5 cm)
2.8 cm5 cm4 cm2.

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Lieferzeit: 4 - 6 weeks

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Oak with Knot Features

The finest solid tabletop made of wild oak or knotty oak. The finest solid tabletop of knotty oak or wild oak. Both terms describe oak wood that contains natural features such as knots, knotholes, and pronounced variations in wood color. Knots and cracks are generally filled with wax filler in our custom-made tabletops. The natural oak tabletop can be completely customized to your personal needs: you can adjust the length, width, and thickness as desired using our configurator.

Continuous grain

Our tabletops are always crafted from continuous planks. For this, we use the finest solid woods with an ideal 8 to 10 percent moisture content. Each knotty oak tabletop is a unique piece and is processed in our workshop from raw wood to the finished product.